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In the quiet depths, where oceans roam,                   Mid-ocean ridges, where new crust is born,

Beneath the sky, a silent dome,                               A testament to Earth's creative scorn,

There lies a force, both vast and old,                        Spreading outward, a timeless song,

A dance of Earth, a story untold.                             Of renewal and change, forever strong.



Plates of rock, like puzzle pieces,                             But where plates meet and tension grows,

Drift and shift, their motion increases,                      Quakes remind us, the Earth's throes,

They slide, they collide, they grind and groan,             Shaking cities, altering lands,

Crafting mountains, carving canyons of stone.            A testament to its mighty hands.



At boundaries meet, they clash and fight,                   Plate tectonics, a grand ballet,

In fiery tumult, with all their might,                           On Earth's stage, it plays each day,

Volcanoes roar, magma flows free,                            A symphony of movement, a geological rhyme,

Forming new land for all to see.                                Echoing through the depths of time



Our research focuses mainly on the lithospheric deformation, Earthquake occurrence processes, Great earthquake cycles, Earthquake interaction and triggering process, Non Volcanic Tremors and Slow-slip events, Plate boundary vs Plate interior deformation process, Earthquakes-Volcano interaction and vice-versa, Tectonics and climatic interactions process, Human-induced deformation and Lithosphere-Ionosphere coupling processes.We use field observations, seismological and geodetic measurements, remote sensing to develop kinematic and dynamic models in order to better understand these complex systems, to conduct fundamental research on “Tectonic Geodesy” and various natural hazards e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and climate change in and around Indian Subcontinent, toward safer and more sustainable societies.

Currently working projects:                                                

  • Seismicity and mountain building processes.
  • Crustal deformation study across Narmada-Son Failed rift Zone, Central India.
  • Geodynamics of Indo-Burmese Arc, Andaman-Sumatra subduction zones and backarc systems, Himalayan Arc, Shillong plateau etc.
  • Understanding great earthquake cycle and role of rate-and-state friction dynamics using Laboratory based scaled experiments.
  • Co-seismic Ionospheric disturbance (CID) and its quantification.


Prospective for Students:                                                

I am always looking for outstanding students and analytical young minds to work with and this page is designed to give a brief idea of our current activities and philosophy of working with students. If you would like more information on the group please contact me or if possible, come for a visit to my Lab. Please don't hesitate to send me an email !


Dr. Bhaskar Kundu


Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Odisha-769008, India

Phone: +916612462936 (Office)

E-mail: kundub@nitrkl.ac.in ; rilbhaskar@gmail.com

Profile: https://www.nitrkl.ac.in/FProfile.aspx?e=kundub

Weight of the city matters in Urban Seismology. An outreach video based on our recent publications on the Delhi seismicity occurrence and tectonic as well as non tectonic factors for it..

An outreach Documentary based on our recent research work (Atmospheric wave energy of the 2020 August 4 explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, from ionospheric disturbances. Published on Scientific Reports)